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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  July 5, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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who alerted metro system officials to the fact that the gorse could open when the trains were moving. we're talking triple digit
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temperatures this week. fox 5 morning news continues right now. -- who alerted metro system officials to the fact that the doors could open when the trains were moving. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm allison seymour in for steve chenevey. d.c. firefighters on the scene of ad jacement row hows on rhode island avenue northwest. a battalion chief tells fox 5 a fire on the rooftop deck area of number 10 rhode island avenue spread for numbers 8 and 12. you are see age live picture from the scene now. fire crews got to the scene just about an hour ago. it is right near the intersection with north capital street. this is impact the traffic in that area. we are told that no one is hurt. now to southeast and the other breaking story. a car and metrobus collided just a few hours ago. a driver of the car ran a red light at 14th street and pennsylvania avenue early this morning and was t-boned by the bus. the bus then went on to hit another car. there were passengers on board that bus at the time.
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one person was seriously hurt. three others sustained minor injuries. although it is unclear whether those hurt were on the bus or in the vehicle. quite a night on the national mall. a huge crowd turned out to watch what is arguably the country's most famous fireworks show. let's just call it. we'll say it is. first aid staying as long the mall were busy because of the heat though but other than that the party continued. >> it was just a beautiful day. the temperatures were hot but the mfume was in check so that made it feel a lot better. >> all in all, here in washington we've seen a lot worse and endured a lot worse. by later this afternoon, it will be even hotter than yesterday. we are talking dangerous heat. we are at 7 # at reagan national. still some 1r0 off to the north and west. this more than, not the worst of what is yet to come. 64 out in frederick. 68 in fredericksburg and in ocean city, if you are still
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down at the beach this morning, 7 # for you. so rather police pleasant and as i mentioned, seam will grown get warmer and warmer around here -- we are at 72 at reagan national. still some 60s off to the north and west. rather pleasant and as i mentioned, temperatures will get warmer and warmer around here. code red air quality to us here. sunny and hot. >> got to watch those pets out there. they get overheated too. >> all right. lauren demarco is with us in stud i don't today. she is handling traffic. not a lot i would imagine on the roadways.
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>> not much right now. good to see you, allison. >> hello. >> not that much right now. we were dealing with that accident on pennsylvania avenue. let's take a look at that map. it was pennsylvania avenue d southeast between 14th and 15th streets. wave been reporting this inlving a metrobus. the good news is the accident activity has cleared off to the side of the road and you are reopened in both directions. now, traveling 95 northbound through virginia, very smooth trip right now. we do have the hov lanes pointed in the northbound direction. here is a look at the mixing bowl in springfield. the traffic headed toward you, that is the northbound lanes. the hov lanes looking almost empty at this point. the restrictions are lifted so can you feel free to take those today if you are headed inbound. same story on 270. if you are traveling in the droix, the reversible roads are carrying two-with a traffic. let's take -- if you are traveling in district, the vie
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yearsible roads are carrying two-way traffic -- the reversible roads are carrying two-way traffic. if you are headed back from the beach, it is recommended that you leave before 11:00 to take advantage of the empty roadways. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. water restrictions continue in prince george's and montgomery counties. wssc is working to try to repair a water main. once that is done, it will tea side whether to lift the restrictions. wssc says it looks like a lot of people are not following the restrictions which includes a ban on watering your lawn or washing your car. officials wantedded to see water usage drop by about 30% but so far, it has only dropped by about 14%. if you are caught in violation, you will get a warning and than a fine. metro has pulled 100 railcars out of service because of a potential problem with train doors. metro says a short circuit could cause the electronic doors on the 4000 series cars to open while the drains are moving. engineers and mechanics will be working to test and repair the door motors in each railcar. with today being a federal
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holiday, service should not be affected because of light ridership. riders will see more of an impact tomorrow through friday. the woman whose stroller got stuck in a closing door at the woodley park metro last week with her baby still inside that stroller is speaking out now about the incident. metro spoke with the mother and told her the train operator is being retrained. ing into ther the woman nor the baby was hurt. a woman says she likes riding metro, that mother, she just wants to be assured this won't happen to anyone else. >> i just want some acknowledgement that there was an issue with my door as well and that something is being taken care of. >> metro says what happened last week was not behind their decision to inspect those 100 railcars pulled off the tracks. taking a look now at another stop stories, high waves and choppy seas are delaying oil skimming operations off the coast of alabama, mississippi and florida this morning. skimmers are able to operate in waters off louisiana even though last week's hurricane was 500 miles with a t caused
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high tides to push more oil onto beaches. a soldier from virginia has died wipe serving in iraq. 19-year-old specialist morgan mcbeth died friday. she was injured the day before in a noncombat incident. she joined the army in july of 2008 an was deplied to iraq last august. vice president biden and his wife are spending the long holiday weekend with american troops in iraq. the two provided over a ceremony for new citizens in baghdad yesterday. more than 100 u.s. service members were sworn in as american citizens. the vice president is also urging the two men vying to become the next prime minister to talk about the stalled seating of a new government. at feast five mortar rounds fell in the grown zone while the vice president was there. general david petraeus formally took command. u.s. nato forces in afghanistan this weekend. he told a crowd that we are in this to win. those were his words and that the change of command would not until a radical shift from
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general stanley mcchrystal's strategy. general petraeus pioneered the counter-insurgent strategy now overseas in afghanistan. coming up next, tragedy strikes a fourth of july celebration where runaway horses are being blamed for the death of one woman in the crowd. a scare at one of the nation's busiest airports set off by a phone call. the kincaids live here.
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making headlines, an independence day disafter ther in iowa to tell you about. police say a 60-year-old woman was killed when two horses pull august wagon were startled and took off running during a fourth of july parade. ffs a false alarm in new york after authorities evacuateed a terminal at jfk airport that. terminal was shut down for two hours yesterday. atlantis say they got an anonymous phone call with a bomb at the airport while at the same time, somebody reported an unattended bag. police reopened the terminal
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after finding the bag did not contain any explosives. poland has selected its new president. he narrowly beat out the twin of the late president in a runoff election. he is currently the interim president. he took over when president kazinski, his wife and other dignitaries were killed in a plane crash two months ago. a court hearing in beijing just sentenced a man to prison and fine the him $30,000 he is a chinese born american geologist as was charged with passing secrets about china to a u.s. consulting company. it is the world's largest retailer but so far, you can't find it in d.c. but why that could be changing. we are in for triple digit temperatures tomorrow and the air quality forecast is code red. it will be a hot stretch of
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days. tucker has more on that when fox 5 morning news continues. 
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welcome back. it was a july 4th spectacle in the skies over new york city. countless gawkers looked on in amazement at the fireworks show above the hudson river. it is the can'tery's largest july 4th display we are told. the display could be seen for miles across new york and new jersey. this was the # hundred south anniversary of henry hudson's exploration of the hudson river. >> i've been to new york for the fireworks. >> how was it? >> incredible. >> weather was nice actually great weekend for it. >> great weekend for you. very quiet conditions. it was hot but it wasn't too humid. heat and humidity will be on the return in a big way around here this week. more heat today than humidity. as we mentioned, humidity is just down the road and headed in our direction. >> they don't like to be apart. >> no, no.
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>> a doctor is coming in this morning to talk about how to stay safe. >> we have to talk about that. we have a code red air advisory today and that is my first graphic. so unlike the orange which was unhealthy for sensitive groups, today, it is unhell hi for all of us. if you are a child or adult. which you can only be one or the other. >> should you be acteddive or should you just stay inside. >> i think you have to stay hydrated. >> here is the deal for the experts. do not go outside for prolonged outside activity. allison, if you want to send mark out to mow the lawn, we are not encouraging gas-powered devices to be use giant food so he has a break. >> exactly. not that there is any lawn to mow because things haven't grown without the rain.
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fredericksburg, good morning to you, 67. annapolis, 716789 these temperatures aren't that bad. they are relatively comfortable. won't be the case later today as we push temperatures back into the upper 90s. here is the good news t will be bright and sunny. you've got outdoor plans to go to the pool, going to play in the sprinkler, that kind of thing. no rain in sight here as this heat wave, which we've got a bit of a break from this weekend will return in a big way during the course of the week. there is your satellite-radar. notice the cloud cover. see it west of chicago. it is racing up into nova scotia canada and back down east of boston. that is because of high pressure. this is anchored right across the mid-atlantic out to our west as well. as long as this remains in place, we are not going to get any cool weather. we're not going to get any rain. we could use the rain at this point but it is not in the forecast. i mentioned the code red air quality. the good news with this area of high pressure, it is of continental origin. our humidity levels won't start to increase until mid- to late week.
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so any time you are talking about temperatures near 100, it will be uncomfortable. wind winning oust west at five to 10 miles per hour. and the five-day forecast, i know we need the rain. unfrantdly, it is not in this five-day forecast. maybe a scattered thunderstorm by friday afternoon and a lot of very hot temperatures -- unfortunately, it is not in this five-day forecast. that is a look at the weather. let's get to yntd and some brighter news. >> very bright news. not too much going on, tucker. things looking pretty good. no problems to report on the beltway, 95 in maryland and virginia looks great. -- let's get to jonbenet and -- let's get to on-time traffic and some brighter news. >> our hov restrictions are
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lifted on every major road except for routed 50. the john hansen highway. the traffic closer to your screen headed away from us, that is eastbound 66 and you are looking great right now. also, as you travel route 15 between leesburg and may market, we've got an accident 15 south of route 50 with a car that struck a utility pole so watch for that utility crew at the scene. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. wal-mart may be coming to d.c. the "washington post" reports the world's largette retailers in talks to open what would be the first store in the district. no lease has been signed but reportedly the company has been looking for a site on new york avenue northeast near bladensburg road. >> folks in the suburbs know all about wal-mart. >> right. coming up next ache web site that people turn to for everything from where to get their hair done to what doctors to see.
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toyota is recalling lexus and crown luxury vehicles in japan because of an engine defect involving the valve springs. the recall will soon he can tend to other countries including the united states. the company has received more than 200 complaints about the
6:25 am
problem. no crashes have been reported siementd popular web site finds itself in hot water. >> a group of small businesses is suing yelp. bob fix as appliances for a living but now he is trying to repair his reputation when he claims was damaged after he refused to buy ads on >> i turned down the ad and three days later, all my good reviews disappeared. i've heard exactly the same story over and over and over again. >> reporter: bob has joined a dozen other small businesses accusing yelp of extortion. the web site which helps millions of visitors choose doctors, restaurants and other businesses for users denies the allegation. >> there is no merit to these claims. yelp treats all businesses the
6:26 am
same whether they are an advertiser. >> reporter: yelp staffers say they have no control over the messages. >> we felt are out reviews that are fake or malicious or that we just can't really trust. and that is because some businesses try to game the system. >> reporter: including, he says, some of the companies now suing yelp. but even if the company isn't guilty of any of the charges in the suit, technology experts say the allegations could spell trouble down the road. >> the whole idea that you can trust what the average person says on a review site, that is an important aspect of the internet f that trust is destroyed, than a lot of other companies are going to have credibility problems even if they are totally ndp. >> reporter: yelp now allows visitors to see reviews that had been automatically hidden by the filter is software. that is not enough to satisfy a growing number. businesses joining the lawsuit. the action moves into a courtroom later this year. next, more problems for
6:27 am
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more now on two breaking stories from the district. first, d.c. firefighters on the scene of adjacent rowhouses on rhode island avenue northwest. the battalion chief tells fox 5 that a fire on the rooftop deck area of number 10 rhode island avenue spread to numbers 8 and 12. what you are seeing now, live pictures from the scene. fire crews were called there shortly after 5:00 this morning. it is right near the intersection with north capital is impacting traffic in that area. we are told no one was hurt. in southeast, a car and metrobus collided just a few hours ago a metro spokesperson says the driver of the car ran
6:31 am
a red light at 14th street and pennsylvania avenue this morning. the bus went to hit another car. one person was seriously hurt. three others suffered minor injuries. going to be a code red kind day around here. >> careful. haven't had that yet this season, at least not to the best of my knowledge. that means unhealthy air quality. temperatures will be near 100 not only today but for the next several days. this will be an extended heat wave. i think part of the danger is that we are not going to cool off soon. bring the animals in. don't leave them out for long periods of time. right? >> absolutely. >> that means you too, you got to bring the horses inside. >> i get to hose them off a lot. i can tell that you. >> do you? >> 75 degrees at reagan
6:32 am
national. humidity, 52%. we are looking at afternoon high temperatures in the upper 90s. lots of sunshine in the forecast. if you like dry weather and you like sunshine, you will love today. it will be just like yesterday. just a few degrees warmer than yesterday. i guess another good news in the forecast, the humidity really doesn't start to increase around here for a couple of days yet. so you know, all things being considered since it will be close to 100, it will be relatively comfortable. >> well, i guess it is all relative. you are a right. >> we survived three blizzards and we've already survived a week of temperatures like this earlier this summer. >> june was really hot. the horses by the way have a huge fan that they can stand in front of. hopefully that helps. >> you are a good horse observer. >> a good mama to my four- legged creatures as well as the two-legged ones.
6:33 am
>> we do have an accident out there right now reported on i- 95 in virginia. it is northbound into lorton. take a look at that trafficland camera. as you take a look out there, you will see the light volume. it is not in that camera angle. not causing a problem because you have light volume as you head out there today. you see the hov lanes pointed north. the hov revisions are lifted. -- restricts are lifted. that is the case -- the hov restrictions are lifted except on the john hansen highway. your lanes are wide open. no problems to report on the southeast-southwest freeway and that earlier metrobus accident we were dealing with on pennsylvania avenue just north of the freeway has opened. the lanes to the right of your screen are headed in towards maryland. no major problems to report on the beltway all around town.
6:34 am
a little bug is having a good time out there. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. back to you. >> thank you so much. water restrictions continue right now in prince george's and montgomery counties. wssc is working feverishly on repair a water main. once that is done, it will decide whether to lift the restrictions. wssc says it looks like a lot of people are not following the restrictions which includes a ban on watering your lawn or washing your car. officials wanted to see water usage drop by about 30%. so far, it has only dropped by about 14%. if you are caught in violation, you will get a warning and than a fine. your ride on metro could be slower this week. >> the transit agency has pulled 100 railcars out of service to inspect a potential problem with the train doors. stacy cohan joins us now live to explain. good morning. >> good morning to you. this is all hand nld a sort of unusual manner. >> a press release was put out at 11:56 saturday night just before mid might -- this is all
6:35 am
handled in a sort of unusual manner. it notified the media that 100 cars had been removed from service. they are concerned about door motors which make the electronic doors open and close safely. the cars in question are the 4000 series railcars. they are usually about 60 to 70 of those in service every week. apparently, the cars have opened sometimes while the cars in motion. we're told it happened friday near the gallery place stop. >> they tell you not to lean on the door. just thank god there was nobody leaning on the door because actually somebody could have got hurt last night or an accident could have happened. >> the railcars have been in service quite a while since the mid-1908s. metro says the engineers have isolated the problem and they are working on the problem. as the cars are fixed, they will be brought back on to the
6:36 am
track when they are ready. i'm stacy cohan, back to you. >> thank you. the woman whose stroller got stuck in a closing door at the woodley park metro stop last week with her baby still inside that stroller is speaking out now about the incident. metro spoke with the mother and told her the train operator is being retrained. neither the woman nor her baby was injured. the woman says she likes riding metro. she just wants to be assured that this won't happen to anyone else. >> i want some acknowledgement that there was an issue with my door as well and that something is being taken care of. >> metro says this was into the prompted by that particular incident or any other, just by observation. a deadly fourth of july incident in iowa to tell you about. police say a 60-year-old woman was killed when two horses pulling a wagon were startled and took off running during a
6:37 am
fourth of july parade in bellevue. in total, 24 people were hurt. four remain in critical condition. tourists along the gust coast are sharing beaches with clean-up crews. the beaches are usually packed for the under exday wind but a lot of people stayed way because of the oil spill and the coast guard expects the largest skimmer ship in the world to started taking in oily water, cleaning it and then dumping it back into the gulf. the offshore skimming was cut back for almost a week thanks to high seas generated by hurricane alex. the funeral for the late senator robert boirtd set for tomorrow morning. his casket will be brought back from west virginia for a public funeral at 11:00 tomorrow morning at memorial baptist church on glebe road in arlington. even though tuesday's funeral is open to the public, there is limited seating. following the funeral, there will be a private burial ceremony at columbia gardens cemetery. we'll have more on a push to ban a common ingredient in many foods. the nats' stephness
6:38 am
strasburg did not make it on the all-star roster. but the nats do have someone to show off at the game. more on that when we come back.
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nats star stephen strasburg joined the team with high topes and a big paycheck to match. his star powter isn't enough to land him on the all-star team although you will find another nats player on the roster. joining is now is cakess from the sports youngies on 106.7 fm the fan. good morning. >> good morning. >> so the manager, charlie manuel, says, hey, he is good but he just doesn't have enough experience under his belt yet. what do you make of that decision? >> yes, strasburg, if you look at his statsz, just six starts so far in the season, he has a great era, 2.45 and the 53 strikeouts. have you to look at some of the
6:42 am
veterans. strasburg is the type of guy who, he respects major league baseball, the guys who come before him. i think he would be uneasy with taking a spot from one of those guys after just six starts on the major league level. i think it is probably the best decision all the way around even though i think a lot of people and we have aseep it from the stats from the way the attendance spikes not only at nationals park but when he goes on the road, the people are enamored by strasburg. they want to see him. i would enjoy watching him in the all-star game but it is just not going to happen this season. >> i think he would certainly be a big draw if a lot of people. >> right. you look at the numbers. when he goes on the road especially, they tend to spike. he puts an average of 0,000 more people in the seats at nats park and on his road starts as well. so people clearly want to see strasburg pitch. >> so what do you make of matt capps. the nats will be represented. he will make an appear innocence the midson hummer
6:43 am
classic. what do you think of that decision? >> he was clearly deserving. 22 saves of the 26 opportunities he has had so far this season. the saves have inned of dried up lately as the nats have plummeted in the standings but he is clearly deserving of the spot. this is a nice uplifting story. his father just passed with a last october from a heart attack, that he is able to get the nod in his first all-star appearance. >> you mentioned that the nats have started to plummet. even with stephen strasburg among their team members there, they just can't seem to pull it together. one fellow can't make all the difference. what is it going to take? >> it is clearly a team sport. strasburg only takes the mound once every five days. the offense has failed them w strasburg only taking the mound once per five days. if they are not putting hits up on the board, officer in the giving him run support when he is out there pitching, they won't win a lot of games at this point. >> we wish they would.
6:44 am
it is exciting to have him there. thank you so much. appreciate you joining us on this monday morning and it is the long holiday weekend. >> hope you had a good one. >> no problem. thank you for having me. >> a big thank you to everyone who came out and checked us out in leesburg last friday. this week our hometown fridays tour takes us to leonardtown. we'll feature some of the best of what this historic community has to offer. and coming up later this morning, you don't want to miss kennedy our weather dog. with the dangerously hot weather, he will have tips on keeping your pets cool in all of this heat. there he is, all gut gusied up. >> is he going to talk? >> no, he will there be to offer his support. l.a. atalking dog, that would make news. >> i've been looking forward to that. practicing all weekend. >> they need a lot of water.
6:45 am
running around in a fur coat would be kind of tough. temperatures will be in the upper 90s. yesterday, low to mid-90s. yesterday, even warmer than yesterday. once it sets in, it won't leave any time soon. i am talking about the heat and eventually the humidity. yesterday's high, 94 degrees. bwi marshall, 98. guess what. the computer models are trying to give us high temperatures later this afternoon close to 100 out the bwi marshall. no doubt about it, a lot of extreme heat on the way and as a mentioned, the hard parted is going to be we are going to be dealing with this for days and days so our overfight lows are going to get warmer. by the middle andened of the week, the overnight lows will be in the upper 70s to about 80. i mentioned 75 in washington. 64 in gaithersburg. annapolis, 71. leonardtown, good morning to you. stevensville, we are 70. really not too bad out there this morning.
6:46 am
if you want to get out there and exercise, do it now. once the sun gets up, the temperatures will jump very quickly as mentioned into the mid- to upper 90s by later this afternoon. look at the cloud cover. there it goes, north of chicago and then it takes off for the great white north of canada. a big area of high pressure is anchored across the mid- atlantic and it will be very slow to move here. it will block any frontal system from getting in here. thus, no shower or thunderstorm activity all week long and it will keep a lot of extreme heat around here with highs each day expected to be in the upper 90s to close to 100 degrees. code red air quality, that is unhealthy air quality for all of us today. sunny and hot. heat index near 100 degrees. you mix in the humidity. winds out of the the west here. here is a five-day forecast i think most of us would like to forget. highs in the upper 90s to near 100 all week long. lots of bright sunshine. our only chance for any shower or thunderstorm activity won't arrive until friday and i goat
6:47 am
to be honest with you, the people -- and i got to be hobbest with you, the people in the -- i got to be honest with you, the people in the weather community are crossing our fungers we might see the rain by try. we're in the even sure. we've got water restrictions out there. let's get to it. it is time for everybody's favorite segment, ask the weather guys. wouldn't it be nice to hear a thunderstorm. tony perkins who is on an extended vacation, although i hear rumors he might be back tomorrow, we put our heads together to answer your most preeing questions. today's question is from valerie in herndon, virginia. she wants to know how was it decided that we would place our hand over our heart to show respect for the united states. she is referring to the national anthem. >> right. >> because we all do t let me just -- let's go back in history a little bit to the
6:48 am
pledge of allegiance. remember the pledge of aleamingants we all learned when we were in school and we put our hand over our heart. the gentleman would wrote the pledge wrote that in the late 1800s and the tradition was for school children to do the salute. the salute looked a lot like the nazi salute of the late '30s and early '40s. so fdr at the time as president changed the salute to hand over the heart for pledge of aledgessance. so over time, we all put our hand over our heart for the pledge of allegiance and when it came to the national anthem, the tradition was extend by a u.s. code 36 that states we have to put our hand over our heart. there is actually a law that you have to put your hand over your heart for the pledge of aleamingance.
6:49 am
if you are active in the military or retired military, c the law is not actually enforced. no one will throw you in jail. >> you will get the look. you didn't know the answer and thank you to my research assistant sarah who did much of the research for me. >> i guess i would like to say that ask allison is on a bit of a hiatus. if i'm he out in the field on friday, it doesn't make sense. >> we get a lot of good questions. >> my questions are better than your questions. >> you all can duke it out afterwards. >> if you have a question you want answered -- >> that was so interesting. >> that is jimi hendrix's version of what? >> america -- you know!
6:50 am
>> the star spangled banner. >> when is tony coming back? lauren demarco is here. we to have an accident on 95 northbound and we're starting to see some delays if the first time this morning. taking a live look on 95, can you see just underneath the sign there, a little bit hard to tell you about that traffic heading north is northbound 95. you can see everybody squeezing by this accident scene to the left it looks like single file. this is 95 north at the fairfax county parkway and delays now beginning at lorton. the hov lanes are open running north without restriction because of the federal holiday. so you have that option. can you take the hov lanes northbound but do anticipate a little bit of volume as folks head over there to avoid these delays in the main lanes. things look great now. take a look at this.
6:51 am
the overpass you are looking at there, that is outer loop of the beltway. everything wide open. no problems getting across the american legion bridge. the woodrow wilson bridge looks great as well. the hov restrictions are lifted everywhere other than route 50. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. a fox 5 health alert this morning about food dye. it may make what you are eating appear more appetizing perhaps but it could be putting you and your family at risk. the center for science in the public interest calling on the fda to ban three of the most commonly used dyes, red 40, yellow 5 and yellow 6. the report says the dyes contain known carcinogens and contaminants. a new warning about the amount of sugar that we are all eating. doctors found food and drinks with high amounts of fructose from added sugar could increase
6:52 am
your risk for high blood pressure. added sugars found in processed foods like candy, cookies, cakes and soda. what would make you more happy a guaranteed paycheck or working for yourself? according to a government survey, self-floyd people say they're happier. as jamie colby reports, a new crop of free-lancers is cropping up. >> reporter: debbie has been,ing for estella. a children's slothing store in new york city for three months from home. >> the light bulb went off and i went i can work from home and make a living and you make a very good living at it. >> reporter: she writes press releases helping the store raise its profile and boost its business. today, debbie is visiting the store in person. >> beautiful. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: meeting the own are she found on the web site e- lance for the first time. >> free lansing, you don't have to hire the person, pay them health care, pay the cost of hiring them.
6:53 am
so free lapsing is a good thing to do when you have to meet project needs. >> it is a very large market. it has been growing at over 50% per year for the last several years. currently, we have over 100,000 companies using our service actively. >> reporter: welcome to the new wave of microentrepreneurs. web sites like e-lance and fiver are working. >> the internet has matured in a very interesting fashion. in the beginning, people were just using it to find things torque do certain things, to interact and this is kind of the next step. >> reporter: matthew hamilton is offering audio masters, a last step before a cd or commercial jingle is released. >> i've been able to build up a good feedback. i have agot 100% feedback on it
6:54 am
right now. hopefully, i can move to a bigger project, open up a web site, open up more production and go into business that way. >> i never had to look backen. i was able to just lawn ache career and support myself as a free lance writer through 9-11, through the current economy -- just launch a career and support myself. >> debbie also doesn't have to deal with this, the commute and clothes. she often works in her pajamas. it is also the free screening on these web sites and the compensation that helped debbie build a business with clients as far away as australia. if you are looking for work, you can go to the fox 5 job shop. we have up to date listing tools to help with your resume and your search and a whole lot more. they are a toy inspiring
6:55 am
future architects and engineers for decades. >> one man is proving can you make a career out of playing with legos. >> holly is live to show us some creative creations. es
6:56 am
6:57 am
6:58 am
>> reporter: good monday morning, everybody. i'm holly morris. i hope you had a great holiday weekend. and if you love legos, and who doesn't, you are going to be amazed. we are live at the national building museum where they have a new exhibition called lego architecture, towering ambition. this is the work of an architectural artist. we're talking about combining architecture and art and coming up with amazing creations. all of these buildings are some of the iconic landmarks and they are all created out of lego bricks and they are all of the work of adam reed tucker
6:59 am
who is with us this morning. he was an architect. but he did actual buildings in chicago and decided to trade in the mortar and bricks for lego bricks. we'll talk about why he did that, show off all of his creations. he's working on the white house as we speak. we'll find out about that and how you can make one out of legos and how you can come see the exhibit here at the national building museum. it's a jaw-dropping exhibit that everybody will love, ladies. >> you're getting a wow from here. that will do it for the 6:00 hour. sarah is back joining allison for the next hour. >> thanks, gurvir. good morning to all of you. their slogan is metro opens doors. >> but in some cases those doors are opening too early. putting passengers at risk. now some trains are being taken out of service because of this. find out if this will impact your ride. then d.c. has one of the biggest 4th of july celebrations in the nation.


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